Oak Spring Farms

As dairy farmers, we know that if we take care of our cows, they will take care of us.

It’s all about family at Oak Spring Farms, owned and operated in equal partnership between two brothers, Scott and Steve Wolfe. They’re the fourth generation in a long line of Pennsylvania farmers dating back more than 100 years. This dynamic duo splits all the duties, with Scott running the dairy operation and Steve raising crops to feed cattle and sell surplus.

The brothers built their dairy in 2003, and it now includes roughly 900 Holstein and 3,000 acres of cropland. Like all good farmers, they care deeply about cow comfort and believe in preserving soil and conserving water for future generations through a variety of sustainable efforts. They practice no-till crop farming, regularly test soil and recycle sand bedding from the herd.

With unpredictable weather and demanding work, no one said farming was easy. But the Wolfe brothers love what they do and accept the challenges that come with the job. Both have young families who spend time on the dairy and are welcomed as the fifth generation. As Scott says, “It’s a blessing to have our kids exposed to farm life and the farm-to-table process.”

After years of doing this, I still enjoy seeing new calves born, crops growing and the beautiful sunrise each day.